Teenage Titan’s has been formed in the 60’s by three squires. Robin (back then Dick Grayson), Kid Flash and Aqualad, only to have their first adventures this year resulting in the almanac Brave and the Bold. Young men’s team got their own Volume just two decades later. From the same time it originates also their most well-known and award-winning Judas contract. Warner took the story of quisling under his command and in slightly modified version placed it in his animated universe. It is namely the continuation of last year’s bestselling Justice League vs. Teen Titans, but at the same time expanding the continuity of the trilogy named Son of Batman. This one is a story of the problematic, the fifth Robin, Damian Wayne, son of master Bruce and Talia al Ghul. The boy trained with the League of shadows, so he found his ideal in his grandfather Ra’s, and not not in his father’s “justice, not vengeance.”


There is no big saviors in this story. The group is led by an alien-girl Starsafire, on the list are still Dick Greyson as Nightwing, the blue Blue Beattle, the green Beast Boy, Raven the demon and previously announced Terra, who has the power over the rocks. The main villain is a spiritual ancient with a fetish on blood bath and divine ambition, whereas the duty falot is again Deathstroke. He can not forget that Ra’s did not choose him to be his successor and that Damien took his eye. Some of the attachments to the old cartoons there are, but Judas Contract, however, stands alone. Unfortunately, the story do not have any special narrative value, for example a good story about the origin of any character. They do only have a little freshness to explore each other, especially cross-gender relations, but at excessively superficial way so that teenagers can’t embody this. Too bad it does not go deeper into the heroes, because we still do not know anything about the background of some.

Watching the colorful spectacle of swordplay, energy projectiles and call upon the forces of hell for those who enjoy DC universe, is just pure fun, equally because of some equal names from the TV series. However, the Teentitans’s 86-minute episode of the series is not a canonical story that will go into the annals. In order to operate the product as such, they should establish a studio on a quarterly periodical, and not a boutique once per year issuance. They should also include more of Kid Flash and Speedy and maybe even an ‘old man’, who always attract. We know, however, who joins next: Wonderwoman’s younger sister …

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